The web, now in audio

Matopy lets you listen to the web, browse around and speak searches without having to look at a screen or touch your keyboard or mouse.

Audio Design

How text is presented on the web tells us how important it is, whether it links to another page and what other bits of the page relate to it. When Matopy converts a webpage to audio, we keep hold of the graphics design and use it to create audio design. By using multiple voices, sound effects, audio cues and ambient sound, we give you a sense of context in the audio version of a webpage.

Natural Surfing

We're born listening (in fact, we start listening while we're still in the womb) but we only learn to read and write well when we're 7 or 8. Listening is a much more natural way to surf the web than reading and writing.

No Hands!

Matopy is revolutionizing how we get online. What if you could control the web by voice instead of clicking links and typing in boxes? Matopy is making that happen.

The Matopy Team

Sam ( is our chief (the CEO). He's got an MA and MEng from Cambridge and MIT, and an MA and MSc in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art. Sam came up with the concept of Matopy in 2010 as a way to improve access to the web for blind people.
Hywel ( is our software engineer (CTO). He's also got an MA and MEng from Cambridge (not a coincidence - Hywel and Sam met as engineering students at King's College, Cambridge). He's been writing software since he was 9.


We've won awards from the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, the Matthews Wrightson Business Awards and the James Dyson Foundation. We were finalists in the Deutsche Bank Awards 2011 and the James Dyson Award

Press Coverage

Matopy has already been covered by BBC News,, the German TV channel n-tv, Metropolis magazine and the Telegraph website.